Workshop Schedule 2018

DAY ONE: Tuesday 31 July 2018


Opening remarks from the Chairperson 

Katie-Jeyn Romeyn


Katie-Jeyn Romeyn International


FREE WORKSHOP: From Millennials to Gen Z: Productivity in the new workplace (45 min)

Generation Z will quickly become the backbone of your workforce. But what does Gen Z look for in an employer? What gets Gen Z engaged in the classroom and the workplace? How do you effectively support them entering the workplace to maintain productivity? 

Dr Justine Ferrer and Gavin Walker of Deakin University will take you through the differences between Millennials and Gen Z and how to attract, engage and retain them in your organisation.

Dr Justine Ferrer

Senior Lecturer in HRM

Deakin University

Gavin Walker

Manager, Graduate Recruitment Services

Deakin University


FREE WORKSHOP: How FISH! can transform your team culture (45 min)

Does your organisation need a culture change or motivation boost? Would you like to learn how to make a difference in this area? This workshop led by team culture and training specialist Dwain Richardson will introduce you to a culture philosophy called FISH! which is acclaimed for transforming team cultures around the globe. FISH! is based on four key principles which can be applied by anyone. And when these principles are applied, the results are amazing and inspiring. Dwain will show you how training with FISH! will improve team engagement and morale; customer service; teamwork and trust; and, recruitment and retention.

Dwain Richardson

Managing Director

Corporate Challenge Events


FREE WORKSHOP: Are you a (management) accident waiting to happen? (30 min)

We’ve all heard of the term ‘accidental manager’, but not surprisingly few of us actually think it applies to us! The question is, does it? In this session, David Pich will introduce the antidote to the accidental manager – the Intentional Leader (IL).

  • Are you an accidental manager or intentional leader?
  • What are the key elements that lie at the heart of Intentional Leadership?
  • The six layers of intentional leadership.
  • Finally, using a simple interactive App, you will find out your own IL Score. Are you brave enough to want to know?

David Pich

Chief Executive 

Institute of Manager and Leaders


FREE WORKSHOP: The High-Performance Team:  5 Critical Steps for HR Leaders to Nurture High-Trust Teams (45 min)

Today’s complex business problems require cohesive, healthy teams.  

Leaders must seamlessly work together within their own team and across other business units. 

According to Google Work, trust is one of the most important factors that contribute to a high performance team.   

  • Why humans are wired to seek trust from leaders and their work place. 
  • How to identify low trust indicators that are sabotaging your organisation and teams. 
  • 5 critical techniques to build trust and collaboration in your team. 

Marie-Claire Ross

Chief Corporate Catalyst & Founder



FREE WORKSHOP: Managing workplace mental health (45 min)

As an HR professional, you’re responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the employees in your workforce. That’s a big responsibility, but this workshop can help. What can employers do to help create and maintain psychologically healthy workplaces?

  • Safeguarding your workplace against mental health hazards.
  • How to train leaders to be ‘psychologically safe’
  • Recognize signs of employee burnout and chronic mental stress
  • Build resilience for employees to prevent mental health issues
  • Tips for effectively handling employees who have mental illness

Ingrid Ozols

Director, mentalhealth@work

Senior Fellow, Dept of Psychiatry, University of Melbourne


FREE WORKSHOP: Effectively negotiating with unions (45 min)

Union negotiation can be stressful and challenging for all parties involved, especially HR professionals. This workshop will provide practical strategies for achieving mutually acceptable results from industrial negotiations.    

  • Practical tips for negotiating enterprise bargaining agreements
  • Advanced negotiation strategies in an industrial context
  • Demonstrating good will at the negotiation table
  • Deciding when to compromise and when to hold your ground

Deborah Lindemann


Adelhem & Associates


DAY TWO: Wednesday 1 August 2018


Opening remarks from the Chairperson 

Katie-Jeyn Romeyn


Katie-Jeyn Romeyn International


FREE WORKSHOP: Going global: work visas and international talent management (30 min)

The changes in the Australian Immigration and the abolishment of the 457 visa has had major implications on the access to international talent management and retention.

Explore some of the risks in doing business overseas and implications of selecting the wrong visa.

  • 457 vs TSS
  • Work trips overseas
  • Labour Market Testing requirements for recruiters and agencies
  • The cost of immigration

Esther Taft

Senior Consultant

Newland Chase


FREE WORKSHOP: Food as brain fuel: Maximising productivity through nutrition (30 min)

This session will explain the best ways to get the most out of your day through the food you consume.

This session will cover:

  • The foods shown to improve cognition and brain function
  • The foods that can impair them
  • Food timing and how you eat your food

Samantha Gemmell



FREE WORKSHOP: Overcoming negativity: 16 actionable steps to improve productivity and regain positive focus in the workplace (30 min)

  • The cost of workplace stress and negativity
  • Practical tips to improve productivity and teamwork
  • Critical success factors for training to reduce workplace stress

Sharon Wilks

Chief Executive

Mindfulness Experiment


EXPO FLOOR: Free professional profile photo opportunity

This is your chance to capture your perfect LinkedIn or Corporate photo, with professional photographer Raimond Aide. The photos will be emailed to you after the event for use on your personal or professional profile.

Raimond Aide

Professional Photographer


FREE WORKSHOP: Stress and positivity is not an oxymoron - how to harness good stress (30 min)

In moments of high pressure, dealing with highly charged situations and complex challenges, having your own self-care toolkit is essential in maintaining your own wellbeing.  Everyone is different so finding what works best for you is the aim of this workshop. 

  • Good stress vs bad stress – defining the difference
  • My top three tips in managing stress and keeping a positive mindset and perspective
  • Ways to support your health –  Doing what works

Catherine Stevenson

Mental Wellbeing Coach, Life Skills Coach, Workplace Counsellor



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