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DAY ONE: Wednesday 19 July 2017



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9:30am FREE WORKSHOP The future of HR Technology: Navigating the ever-evolving landscape

The future of HR undoubtedbly incorporates the use of technology - technology that is constantly changing, evolving and offering new opportunities to streamline processes and save time.

But what else can we expect from HR Tech? While current technology is widely recognised as a valuable automation tool, there is also some trepidation on how it might impact HR in the future.

With the changing landscape and the trend of increased technology use, Jason Portelli, Manager - Solutions at ELMO will examine:

  • Trends in HR technology and what we can expect in the future
  • Best-practice technology use to engage staff, promote connection and reduce isolation
  • Tips to keep up to date with the ever-changing technology landscape

Jason Portelli
Manager - Solutions Consultant

11:15am FREE WORKSHOP The five key elements to achieve an effective health and wellbeing program

As people spend a sizeable proportion of their day at work, workplaces are ideal environments for addressing health issues and promoting healthy habits that can have significant benefits to workers and to businesses, including reduced risk of chronic disease and workplace injury, and increased productivity.

Join Health at Work Director, Kristina Dalgleish and learn how to go about implementing a successful workplace health and wellbeing program:

  • Building the business case
  • Implementing a needs analysis
  • Creating a culture of wellness and mental health
  • Reaching 100% of your employees
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of your program

The foundation for success in any business lies in the health and strength of its workforce so can you afford not to invest in the health and wellbeing of your workforce?

Kristina Dalgeish
Health at Work


FREE WORKSHOP What if pigs could fly? Suspending disbelief to make room for innovative workforce strategy

So often organisations' strategies are limited by a preconceived view of what is and isn’t possible. Truly innovative workforce strategy only occurs where this disbelief is suspended. This interactive workshop takes participants through a process of actively participating in the creation of a future that we want and developing workforce strategies that propel us down that path. Participants will never think about workforce strategy in the same way again!

Lenore Miller


DAY TWO: Thursday 20 July 2017



Registration opens

9:30am FREE WORKSHOP Improving financial wellbeing to boost employee mental health and engagement 


Research shows there are clear links between financial wellbeing and mental health. Our speakers have worked with major employers in implementing strategies to manage mental health in the workplace, including establishing Mental Health First Aiders and implementing broad range financial literacy programs with the aim of improving employee engagement and reducing financial stress.

This session will focus on current issues affecting the Australian workforce and best-practice trends and thinking in employee engagement.

Geri Sumpter
HSE Consulting Manager
Victorian Chamber of Commerce

Katrina McPhee
Employer Engagement Manager


FREE WORKSHOP A culture turned: Using UGRs to boost performance and culture  

While changing cultures is regarded as complex and time consuming, it needn't be. The concept of UGRs - unwritten ground rules - created by Steve Simpson, has been used by organisations across the globe to help leaders and HR practitioners to both understand and strategically improve workplace cultures. This workshop will:

  • Show how UGRs drive people's behaviour and constitute team and organisational culture
  • Reveal how the UGRs concept has been deployed in organisations including Kmart (Australia and NZ) and McLaren Automotive (UK) to transform cultures and business performance
  • Clarify the role that HR practitioners need to play in transforming culture

Steve Simpson
Director, Keystone Management

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