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Welcome and opening remarks from the Chairperson

Anneli Blundell 
Professional People Whisperer


Workshop 1: Enabling employer access to the potential of over 1 million Australians

Nearly half of 2.1 million people with disability (of working age) in Australia are not in the labour force, forming a large cohort of available and skilled talent. How can organisations tap into this pool? The session will highlight:

  • The business case for a diverse and inclusive workplace, offering low risk, improved productivity, and high return
  • Practical strategies to build disability confidence and develop inclusive practices
  • The range of free and expert disability employment supports provided by the Australian Government through JobAccess

Daniel Valiente-Riedl  
General Manager


Workshop 2: How to take the friction out of employment screening

Successfully implementing an end-to-end background screening framework for your workforce takes planning and commitment. In this session, you will find out:

  • How Australia Post has become one of Australia’s most experienced providers of complex identity and employment services;
  • How to complete employment screening checks for employees and candidates quickly and securely; and
  • How to streamline the experience to remove friction for both employees and employers.

Christian Seely
Head of Identity Services - Growth Market
Australia Post


Morning tea


EXPO FLOOR: LinkedIn professional photo

Professional photographer Greg Briggs will be onsite during morning tea to take your corporate headshot for use on your LinkedIn profile.

Greg Briggs
Profressional Photographer
Photo Eventz


Workshop 3: Cyber security hub: a fully integrated approach to cyber security

With an increase of cyberattacks and new regulations in place, cyber security is now a business risk which needs to be addressed by the entire organisation. As the custodian of the culture of an organisation, HR Departments play a crucial a role in this battle. This session, Christophe will share how Optus and Macquarie University have partnered together to tackle real-world challenges in cyber security. In particular, he will provide guidance to build a strong cyber security culture in order to address:

  • Risks of a data breach
  • Increased risks stemming from the introduction of new technologies
  • Privacy risks 

A/Professor Christophe Doche
Executive Director
Optus Macquarie University Cyber Security 


Workshop 4: The new world of workers: graduates in your business

The past 3 years have seen a constant rise in graduate recruitment and internships across all sectors. The workshop pulls together information about the next generation of gradates and highlights some real-world examples of how upcoming graduates will change and benefit your business.

  • Who are current graduates and what are they like, what do they value?
  • What impact can they make – Case study on Graduate Board Directors
  • Changes to the workplace – Socialisation and Personalising performance

Gavin Walker
Manager - Graduate Recruitment
Deakin Talent


Workshop 5: Tips and traps for engaging, managing and terminating employees

Engaging and dismissing employees can be a tricky business. This session will discuss some common mistakes employers make when engaging, managing and terminating employees and offer HR practitioners some practical tips to mitigate against risk.

  • Practical guidelines to protect your business from recruitment through to termination
  • What to include in your employment contracts and what to leave out
  • Things to think about when dismissing employees

Kim McGuren 
The Workplace Lawyers


Workshop 6: Changemakers: How HR innovators are driving cultural change with inspiring and cost-effective engagement strategies

Becoming a catalyst for positive cultural change will not only give you a competitive edge but also positively impact your business results. It’s no easy task but the most effective HR leaders are embracing this shift in employee behaviour with innovative approaches that engage their people in a cost-constraint climate.

  • A ten-part practical model outlining the key levers for driving employee engagement and cultural change
  • Inspiring stories and practical engagement strategies from Australian HR innovators in the not-for-profit, retail, mining and technology sectors
  • How to secure budget and gain key stakeholder support for engagement initiatives

Kylie Green 
Sales Director
Reward Gateway


EXPO FLOOR: Nail technicians onsite for mini manicures

Professional nail technicians will be onsite until 2:30pm to give you an express manicure.

Zina and Lan
Nail Stylists
Purely Polished


EXPO FLOOR: LinkedIn professional photo

Professional photographer Greg Briggs will be onsite during lunch to take your corporate headshot for use on your LinkedIn profile.

Greg Briggs
Profressional Photographer
Photo Eventz


Networking Lunch


Workshop 7: How to dramatically improve talent development

Are you scrambling to stay ahead of changing employee expectations, technology and priorities? Are you struggling to design talent development strategies that drive real outcomes? This workshop will show you how you can dramatically improve talent development and strive for greater people insights.

  • Find out how ANZ HR Leaders are harnessing data, insights and technology.
  • How to deploy individualised, laser-focused learning strategies that engage your people in the flow of life.
  • Learn what it takes to stay on the front foot and win the battle for employee engagement, growth and future leadership.

Dean Maher
Regional Vice President
Cornerstone OnDemand


Workshop 8: Lessons from Australia’s top 40 best workplaces that give back

Join GoodCompany Founder and CEO Ash Rosshandler, as he reveals the exclusive launch of this year’s Top 40 Best Workplaces to Give Back in Australia. This workshop will unpack which companies are seriously investing in their employees and their communities via volunteering, donating, fundraising, sponsorship and other pro-social behaviours including payroll giving.

  • Why companies give, how they give, where they give and who they support
  • Benefits of workplace volunteering programs for employee wellbeing and company culture
  • Workplace volunteering program case studies from IAG, OPTUS, Origin Energy, NAB and Westpac
  • How HR professionals can successfully drive workplace volunteering programs

Ash Rosshandler


Afternoon tea


Workshop 9: Employer branding: How to create great brand experiences to attract and retain top talent 

Organisations that are serious about finding top talent recognise their employer brand is a critical factor in attracting and retaining that talent. The ability to understand and articulate your employer brand in a single market is a challenge. The strongest employer brands reflect the here and now but also showcase the future direction and aspirations of your company. 

If you’re thinking about building an employer brand or your current brand isn’t quite working – you should join us for this engaging workshop showing real creative executions that work. 

Guy Bryant-Fenn
Managing Director


Workshop 10: Helping HR Professionals on how to deal with difficult conversations

Difficult conversations are part of our professional life. As a HR professional, you may have difficult conversations with your boss, with your staff, peers or stakeholders. In his session Alma Besserdin will help you:

  • Learn to prepare for this kind of discussions and what approach to use
  • Understand how mindset will shape your language and body language
  • Coach others to resolve conflict or difficult conversation

Alma Besserdin 
Career & Leadership Coach, Mentor, Facilitator, Speaker, Influencer and Board Director
Founder and Director of Wimmigrants


End of conference Day One


Registration opens


Welcome and opening remarks from the Chairperson

Anneli Blundell 
Professional People Whisperer


Workshop 11: How to dress for success

A powerful professional wardrobe can lead you down the path to success. This free workshop will cover:

  • How to maximise your current garments in your wardrobe
  • What are the different types of professional dressing? Corporate vs smart casual vs business
  • Building your professional wardrobe with key pieces and garments
  • How to maximise your current garments and know what to invest for future purchases

Jade Sardon
Personal Stylist & Image Consultant
Creative Director of STYLED BY JADE & Co


Workshop 12: The leader’s role in creating better workplaces

What is the role of leaders in creating better workplaces and what do we need to consider? In this session, David Pich will share the foundations of building positive culture within the modern workplace. David will discuss:

  • The key role that managers and leaders play in contributing to a better society
  • How managers and leaders can create safe, supportive, accountable, healthy and high performing workplaces
  • How topics such as health and wellbeing , inclusion and diversity, discrimination and bullying play a fundamental role in creating sustainable, thriving workplaces
  • How IML’s approach can help managers and leaders develop the understanding, skills and confidence to create better workplaces and contribute to a better society

David Pich 
Chief Executive
Institute of Managers and Leaders


Morning tea


Workshop 13: Nutrition for the busy professional

It’s possible to be a busy professional and stay healthy and energised.  Learn how to use food to increase productivity and keep your stress levels in check.  Melanie will give you easy to follow take home tips and strategies for improved health and wellbeing.  

  • Signs and symptoms your nutrition is holding you back 
  • How to monitor you wellness 
  • What constitutes healthy when it comes to nutrition 
  • Why we have sugar addiction and how to break it
  • Tips for preventing weight gain when working in office 

Melanie Sinclair
Consulting Plover Wellbeing


Workshop 14: Mindfulness, relaxation techniques and positive thinking

Being a successful professional necessitates being a confident individual. In this workshop, Lizzie will help you learn to achieve professionally and remain motivated while also being personally fulfilled.

  • The art of saying “No”
  • Creative visualisation
  • Increase productivity
  • Managing energy, focus and attention

Lizzie Wagner
Managing Director
The Lizzie Wagner Group


EXPO FLOOR: Nail technicians onsite for mini manicures

Professional nail technicians will be onsite until 1:30pm to give you an express manicure.

Zina and Lan
Nail Stylists
Purely Polished


Networking lunch and end of workshops on Day Two


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