Panel: HR technology to automating routine HR to focus on people and culture

Jul 29, 2020

11:50 am

Technology will change everything. As technology streamlines the more transactional and administrative areas of HR, our role will become more about guiding and coaching line managers through change and the complexity of human relationships. How will HR tech liberate HR professionals and what should we be focusing on? 

  • When repetitive tasks get done by robots, what can HR teams achieve? 
  • The humanistic approach will remain a key aspect of HR thus the industry will become more emotive and adaptable to the modern world 
  • Which high value transactions should we focus on when we have automated and enabled self-service for the rest? 
  • How HR teams can become organisational coaches, with a primary focus on helping people in the organisation deliver their best work every day 
  • Natalie Britt

    HR Director


  • Mark Cook

    Head of People and Culture – Future Business & Technology

    AGL Energy

  • Brett Holmes

    Head of Shared Services

    BlueCross Aged Care

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