Panel: Surviving and thriving in the future – shaping culture and leadership

Jul 28, 2020

3:50 pm

HR teams in the future will need to shape corporate cultures and business practices to create the best workforce to meet future needs. What cultural and behavioural attributes should we be focusing on? 

  • Building a culture and skillsets will help your organisation to evolve and thrive   
  • Selecting, developing and managing workforces that will demand more of their leaders 
  • Developing capability for the future – but what does the future hold? 
  • What do HR teams and employees need to do to survive and thrive in the Fourth Industrial Revolution? 
  • Robyn Djelassi

    Head of People & Operations


  • Merryl Dooley

    Chief People Officer


  • Helena Karlinder-Östlundh

    HR Director

    MECCA Brands (HRD Hot List 2019)

  • Caroline Monzon

    Acting Chief Talent Officer

    Development Victoria

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