PANEL: The future of work in 2022 and beyond

9:00 am

The pandemic has accelerated our path to the future of work. After a year of constant change, what’s in store for the workforce in the next few years? Where do we want to go?  And how will we get there?

  • Practical HR lessons from the COVID-era
  • The future of flexibility, HR technology and virtual employee engagement
  • How are corporates, SMEs and not-for-profits planning workspaces for the future?
  • Current trends in HR technology and virtual working
  • What skills will be most important as our workforce continue to evolve?
  • Anoop Chaudhuri

    Vice President, Human Resources

    Ford Australia

  • Fiona Lund

    Chief People Experience Officer


  • Mari Ruiz-Matthyssen

    Chief People Experience & Marketing Officer

    Melbourne Airport

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