Workshop 14: Developing optimism to enhance your organisational culture

11:35 am

Optimism could just be the ‘super power’ that businesses need, now more than ever. The good news is that optimism can be learnt, even if you’re not a natural optimist. In this session, we will discuss what it means to be optimistic and how to develop this in your company culture.

•             Why you should be optimistic and the science that supports it
•             Identifying what makes a person optimistic
•             Understanding the habits of an optimist and how to embed them in ourselves and in your organisation

  • Noirin Mosley
    Noirin Mosley

    Director, Educate to Elevate

    Project Optimism

  • Victor Perton
    Victor Perton

    Chief Optimism Officer, The Centre for Optimism and Director

    Project Optimism

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