Workshop 12: Creating happier hybrid workplaces

10:05 am

While best practices are still emerging in how to manage hybrid teams, this workshop explores ways HR leaders can equip their leaders with strategies, tools and skills needed to support their teams and fine tune this broadly accepted new way of working. By encouraging a positive shift that improves both employee engagement and productivity, setting up and managing a hybrid workplace (and the people within them) for success is more important than ever in this highly competitive job market that many employers are grappling with right now.  In this workshop, HR leaders will:  

  • Develop specific strategies and tools to support leaders and their hybrid teams  
  • Gain top tips for leaders to build greater trust with their team members  
  • Understand how to set and manage expectations for a successful hybrid workplace employee experience. 
  • Explore key features of a remote work policy that supports the management of flexible work practices 
  • Angela Olanda

    Director & HR Specialist

    Zen HR Consulting

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