Workshop 14: How to build a neurodiversity strategy to access a larger STEM talent pool

11:35 am

This session will equip HR professionals with all they need to know to create an environment that will foster the development of neurodiverse employees skilled in STEM fields. People on the autism spectrum are overrepresented in STEM fields of study at university, yet almost 32% are unemployed, this is 8 times the current standard unemployment rate. Accessing this talent pool offers a real opportunity for HR leaders to gain more highly valuable STEM skilled people and will strengthen any organisations diversity and inclusion program.  

  • Gain firsthand insight into the unconventional approach to the hiring process of neurodivergent talent  
  • Understand the key differences that will help autistic people flourish in the workplace 
  • Learn about how embracing neurodiversity can lead to enhanced outcomes for your organisation and your IT project teams 
  • Learn how to fulfill your businesses STEM needs faster 
  • Dr. Ivonne Ranisch

    Commercial Director


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