Workshop 4: What do companies need to succeed? Why it’s time to redefine the employee and employer relationship

11:05 am

If 2020 was the year of crisis, then 2021 is the year for change. A key driver of change for employers is the shifting expectations of an increasingly competitive talent market. If we want to continue developing effective teams and powering innovation, it’s time to revisit – and revolutionise – our tools and methods for attracting, inspiring and supporting our people.

Join us to discover how leading organisations from multiple industries are preparing for the new world of work by adopting a different approach to building their Employee Value Proposition. Discover:

  • What Australian employees are looking for in top employers now that businesses are redefining what “business as usual” looks like
  • The key qualities that leaders need to improve productivity, innovation and adaptability within their teams
  • How to increase digital fluency to nurture employee connection, belonging and wellbeing across dispersed and hybrid workforces
  • Tools and strategies that build loyalty to your employer brand and create culture ambassadors now and into the future
  • Joy Adan
    Joy Adan

    Content Journalist

    Reward Gateway

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