Workshop 6: Nutrition – Your Tool for Improved Health and Productivity

1:05 pm

There’s so much noise in the health and wellness industry and that noise is rapidly growing, it’s no wonder people get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when it comes to improving their nutrition. The good news is small simple steps more often add up to big changes over time. Supporting your employees to be their best version of themselves is no longer just a fancy catchphrase, but is a necessary step forward. This workshop will:

  • Touch on ‘what is the best diet?’
  • Look at food on a continuum rather than label it ‘good’ v’s ‘bad’

  • Discuss that number on the scale and how to move it in the desired direction and why that’s important for you personally and your employees
  • How you can support your employees to eat well and move more

  • Sarah Blom

    Nutrition Consultant

    The Consistent Approach

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