Workshop 7: Recognition strategies to ensure your program is widely used and delivers ROI for your business

1:35 pm

HR leaders and company executives are well aware of the benefits of employee recognition: stronger employee engagement, retention, and productivity to name a few. Research suggests that 90% of companies have some kind of recognition program yet 1 in 3 employees report they don’t feel recognised. According to a recent Achievers research, managers are off the mark by 2x when it comes to understanding if their staff feel recognised. Managers estimate only 13%, while actually 30% of staff don’t feel recognised in Australia. A big miss for managers and one that could prove costly! In this session, Emma Harvie will share best practice strategies on how you can shift the needle on your recognition program to deliver frequent recognition for your employees, and deliver on your organisation’s objectives.

  • Understand why high frequency is key to your employee recognition program’s success
  • Leveraging social recognition to create meaningful relationships
  • Rethinking recognition to truly move the dial on engagement and culture
  • Emma Harvie
    Emma Harvie

    Manager Client Services


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