Workshop 8: Winning at work – Defining success in the workplace

2:05 pm

We live in an increasingly competitive world where, all too often, winning is seen as a key determinant of capability, credibility and success. As a result, the workplace can feel like a battlefield – especially for HR practitioners – and the stakes have never been higher. This workshop aims to challenge and expand your thinking about “traditional” ideas of winning by exploring a more nuanced and contemporary approach that moves beyond the binary concept of winners and losers, and how that can inform and add value to our practice as HR professionals. This session will explore:  

  • What does ‘winning’ at work really look like?
  • Are all wins created equal?
  • Is winning at all costs worth it?
  • Are all battles worth the fight?
  • What happens to those who lose or who refuse to “play the game”?
  • Miranda Crawley


    Canopy HR Consulting

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