Dr. Ivonne Ranisch

Commercial Director, auticon

Dr. Ivonne Ranisch has been working for auticon since 2020. She has a passion for making workplaces more diverse and inclusive and is committed to creating better outcomes for autistic people.

She holds a Doctorate in Business Administration and her doctoral thesis focused on gender diversity in the maritime legal profession. This sparked her interest in driving better outcomes for business through improving diversity and the power of combining people that think differently to produce significantly better outcomes.

Ivonne is still focused on understanding diversity in a business context and now works hard at creating awareness about the value autistic employees can bring to business and delivering auticon’s mission which is to improve the employment prospects of autistic people through:

  1. Providing high quality careers for skilled autistic adults
  2. Shifting perceptions in the workplace by placing Consultants into client teams
  3. Acting as a catalyst for clients to bring more neurodiversity to their wider workforce