Meredith Ward

Senior Job Coach, auticon

Meredith Ward our senior Job Coach has more than 20 years’ experience working and living autism commencing when her eldest son Grant was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 2. Meredith is passionate about empowering autistic individuals, their families and spreading the word about inclusion, acceptance, engagement, and the benefits of a neurodiverse workplace.

Successfully advocating for a Victorian Autism State Plan on behalf of the autism community, Meredith had the privilege of leading its development and delivery of innovative and life changing initiatives focused on whole of life, and whole of spectrum on behalf of the autism community.  

Meredith was instrumental in initiating and driving the campaign to have autism recognized as a disability in its own right within Victorian state legislation and service delivery policies to provide services previously denied. 

Included in numerous reference groups, steering committees, conference organizing committees and projects such as the Inaugural Future Leaders program in 2013, Meredith has contributed to life changing benefits of many autistic people who came to be leaders and change makers within our community.