Noirin Mosley

Noirin Mosley

Director, Educate to Elevate, Project Optimism

Noirin Mosley (Halligan) was born and reared in Dublin, Ireland.   

Having worked in the Insurance and disability sectors in Ireland, she took off for sunny Thailand to work with Sony Asia in product marketing in 1996. 

From there she made her way back to Melbourne Australia, via Papua New Guinea and Sydney working in the online world, creating photographic themed wall art for businesses. 

In 2015, she started Melbourne’s only city based slot car racing venue ‘Race party’, operating in the corporate team building and culture space and children’s events too.  

She also started Educate to Elevate, an online learning business with her good friend and business partner Jenny Boymal in 2019.  

Educate to Elevate specialises in visually engaging online Induction programs, for all industries. 

With these on line learning tools, herself Jenny and the amazing Victor Perton (from the Centre for Optimism), decided during COVID to create a learning project on Optimism. 

At a time when little could be done for businesses like Race Party and so many other affected industries, it was great to be involved in something that could help people be a little more optimistic.  

‘The habits of an optimist’ course was created and the not for profit ‘Project Optimism’ was born in December 2020. 



Spreading  Optimism has now become a passion of Noirin’s.