Rebecca Quinn

Director – People and Culture, Parks Victoria

Rebecca has been working in human resources for over 10 years and is a leader in organisational development, strategy and workforce planning across the public sector.  She has an honours degree in psychology and master’s degree in business.  She enjoys partnering with stakeholders to reach their goals through best practice HR interventionsShe has been Parks Victoria’s Director People and Culture since 2016.   

Rebecca’s current role oversees human resource delivery to around 1,200 employees across over 100 work centres throughout Victoria, to support Parks Victoria in building and retaining an engaged workforce to deliver world class park management.  Rebecca is passionate about delivering talent solutions to Parks Victoria that build a high performing workforce to ensure business continuity while responding to emergencies and serving the community.  

In her time at Parks Victoria, Rebecca has led the delivery of a People Strategy and a Diversity and Inclusion Plan, to support Parks Victoria in having contemporary human resources practices so that they not only represent and are connected to the community that they serve, but are recognised for being an employer that truly inspires people to bring their best selves to work who deliver to the Victorian community.     

Most recently, Rebecca has led Cultivating Culture, Growing Together, whole organisation activity to build on Parks Victoria’s existing culture to become high performing and enhance organisational effectiveness through a range of workshops and initiatives designed to empower and engage employees at all levels.