Steven Farrugia

Steven Farrugia

Founder & CEO, ShareTree

Steven Farrugia – Founder & CEO of ShareTree. org was founded by Steven Farrugia as part of his personal lifelong purpose to bring about meaningful change to humanity. ShareTree was founded financially by using 66% of his own personal company profits and shareholding in Vative and its divisions.

The purpose of ShareTree is to “Educate, Engage and Empower people to share their time and resources to promote greater equality and harmony in society”. Steven is enthusiastic about sharing knowledge and experience to promote a global, sustainable and self-propagating system that empowers people and organisations to promote equality and harmony for the benefit of societies.

Steven is a degree qualified Manufacturing and Management Engineer with a minor in Marketing and Economics who has developed his skills from his initial trade qualification of Fitter and Machinist, and working his way through to a Manufacturing and Engineering Management degree at RMIT with first class honours.

Winner of the RMIT SAMME Prize for highest cumulative G.P.A., Steven was offered a scholarship to continue studies to complete a PhD. Feeling that he had completed enough formal studies Steven opted to invest his time into practical learning and his entrepreneurial interests.

Showing signs of an entrepreneur early in life, Steven founded and successfully ran Rush, a series of alcohol and drug free dance parties in 1996 at the young age of 20 years old. Building partnerships with Hitz FM, Grenda Buses, Sanity Music, Sony Music and McDonalds.

Steven’s entrepreneurial interests evolved into a philanthropic interest in 2004 after being a finalist in the RMIT business planning competition. Steven then established two businesses. MyEye, a web development, email and SMS marketing business linked to a donation platform for over nine of the major Australian charities and Vative, an engineering consulting business which leveraged his existing skills and talents in business strategy and business optimisation. Both businesses were the first business models that included the initial stages of the development of profit sharing systems now used by ShareTree.

ShareTree has now seed funded and established through its business incubator a range of businesses in multiple industries. He says the secret is “Finding purposeful and capable people and empowering their passion to make a difference through a fair and balanced social business model”.

The ShareTree charity also provides services and technology built around gratitude that help enhance Team Cultures for improved well-being and performance.

Steven has advised to over 110 different organisations globally in strategy, culture and continuous improvement.