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Welcome and opening remarks from the Chairperson

Marie-Claire Ross
Chief Corporate Catalyst & Founder


Welcome from the Event Partner

James Della-Porta  
Regional Sales Director
ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll


#LifeAtSpotify: How Spotify's people strategy shaped a unique culture that engages, inspires & drives innovation

Technological advances and demographic shifts are changing the way that people work and HR operates. This session will discuss:

  • What will the future workforce look like?
  • Innovative thinking on HR strategy
  • Should HR be afraid of technology?

Michael Kim 
Head of HR APAC


Case Study: Using employee feedback to improve the employee experience 

How can you create employee experiences that keep people engaged and drive high performance? This session will address:

  • The importance of employee feedback in improving engagement
  • Deploying effective strategies to boost employee engagement
  • Actionable steps every organisation can apply at a big picture and local level 

Cassandra Hatton 
General Manager Human Resources
St Vincent de Paul Society Victoria 


Morning refreshment & networking break


Embarking on HR digital transformation journey and organisational change

Organisations are experiencing technological-driven change faster than ever and must learn and adapt quickly to remain successfully in the digital era. This session will discuss:

  • How to secure support and investment for HR initiatives in a dynamic environment
  • Real-time learning programs that prepare employees for rapidly changing landscape
  • Create an agile workforce and future-proof HR strategies against digital disruption
  • How can HR leverage technology to create business impact in a digital world?

Maria Voukenas 
Head, Human Resources
Victor Chang Cardiac Research Institute


How technology can enhance the employee experience (EX) 

In this session, hear how digital HR service is helping to create seamless employee experiences.

  • Hear how digital HR service delivery is helping to create seamless employee experiences
  • How has the focus on EX changed how HR operates?
  • What do business leaders, HR leaders and employees expect tech to deliver?
  • How to ensure all stakeholders expectations are met with “consumer-centric” HR practices
  • Tips to get started on your digital EX journey

James Della-Porta  
Regional Sales Director
ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll


Creating a future-ready workforce at Australia Post

HR leaders are continually driving  change throughout their organisations. In this session. Australia Post will share their story on creating a future-ready workforce. Explore:

  • Leading and building a culture of innovation
  • Building a pipeline of future leaders
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Managing and leading change whilst building resilience - personally, organisationally and through others

Anne Marie Baldwin 
GM Talent, Remuneration, Culture and Capability
Australia Post


Networking Lunch


Interview: Reward and recognition programs at Gold Coast Health

An effective reward and recognition program inspires accelerated performance while providing employees with a positive, consistent and motivational experience. 

  • What’s the right balance between long and short term incentives?
  • How should we reward employees who just meet the expectations of their roles?
  • Educating managers about reward and recognition programs through recognition toolkits
  • Long service awards – are they still an effective way to celebrate loyalty?

Hannah Bloch
Executive Director, People and Corporate Services
Gold Coast Health

Interviewed by:

Kylie Green 
Sales Director
Reward Gateway


Managing ill and injured workers

In a society where the incidence of mental health conditions continues to rise and the data in relation to the negative economic and social impacts of long-term workplace absences is unequivocal, knowing where the line is and how to manage the complex web of laws that govern this area can be difficult even for experienced HR practitioners.

This session will draw on recent decisions to highlight what you should and shouldn’t do when managing ill and injured workers and how to limit risks in this area. 

Hannah Ellis  
Co-founder, Principal
The Workplace Lawyers


Afternoon refreshment and networking break


Panel: Creating the future of diversity and inclusion within the workplace

Most executive teams now recognise the importance of diversity and inclusion to strengthen corporate reputation, employee brand, employee wellbeing and innovation. This session will explore:

  • Diversity beyond demographics
  • Securing leadership buy-in for diversity programs
  • Addressing bias in recruitment, selection and reward and recognition
  • Embedding the principals of inclusion throughout the whole employee lifecycle

Bindy Edelman 
Global Head of Diversity & Inclusion

Lizzy Keenan 
General Manager - Culture and Capability

Kaylene Little 
Head of People & Culture - Sustainability & QA
Tassal Group Limited

Megan Love
General Manager, People & Culture
Marvel Stadium

Kristen Sweeney 
Co-Head HR


Diane Utatao
D&I Consulting Services


Day one concludes


Opening remarks from the Chairperson

Marie-Claire Ross
Chief Corporate Catalyst & Founder


Keynote: The role HR leaders play in managing culture change

The world of work is changing rapidly. HR professionals must lead their organisations through times of change. Let’s uncover the following:

  • What human capital requirements will we have in 2020 and beyond?
  • What should leadership development programs look like today to prepare for tomorrow?
  • Creating a diverse and inclusive values-based culture
  • Building internal capability for leadership, resilience and responsiveness to change

Diana Nadebaum 
Chief People Officer 


Case Study: Next level learning and development at NBN

As workplaces and jobs continue to change, HR departments need to take a different approach to learning, moving away from traditional L&D towards ongoing, experiential capability building.

  • Reimagining the concept of workplace learning and lifelong education
  • Workplace learning that helps employees keep up with the pace of change
  • Creating future-focused and innovative learning experiences
  • Continuous self-directed learning and development
  • Using technology to recommend, find and deliver learning

Megan Johnston 
General Manager, Capability & Learning


Refreshments & networking break


Creating exceptional employee experience through HR technology

In this session, Nico will explore how HR and business leaders design an integrated employee experience.

  • Fostering a collaborative company culture through communication and leadership
  • Using technology to create a personalised candidate experience during the recruitment process
  • Identifying rewards that tailor to employee interests and needs
  • Using tools to rethink the roles, structure and strategy to deliver a compelling employee experience

Nico Hadj-Blaha
VP Sales ANZ
Synchrony - A Rizing HCM Company


Mobility: the key to attracting, retaining and developing talent

An increase in workforce mobility has led to changes in the labor market and HR leaders are embracing new approaches to sourcing talent. This session will discuss:

  • Overcoming mobility challenges to respond to workforce changes
  • Reshaping careers and succession planning for global talent
  • How to align workforce mobility with talent management objectives
  • Matching the best candidate for the right role and measuring its success

Pip Russell
Vice President, Strategy, Innovation & Commercial Operations
Schneider Electric


Sarah Edwards
HR Business Leader - Strategy & Transformation
International Operations
Schneider Electric


Networking Lunch


Case Study: Using data analytics to optimise recruitment and retention management

Workforce analytics can now tell us more about people than ever before. This session will address:

  • Using HR data to tailor recruitment strategies
  • Talent and workforce planning tools that provide a clear line of sight into a changing workforce
  • Predicting future trends and behaviour through predictive analytics
  • Supporting data-driven talent strategies and evidence-based decision making with HR analytics
  • Improving operational reporting by implementing infrastructure and processes to provide insights into HR clients and business leaders

Kelly Young 
Chief Human Resources Officer


Leading a remote, mobile workforce

HR directors today need to lead, collaborate and build alliances across different cultures, geographies and time zones, while engaging a workforce that is increasingly dispersed.

  • Keeping employees engaged in a virtual world
  • Dealing with an increasingly ‘nomadic’ workforce
  • Cultivating a team culture in the absence of physical proximity
  • Creating a cohesive culture across time zones, functions and regions
  • How much face-time is really necessary with a virtual workforce?

Maria Moraitis
General Manager - People, Performance and Culture 


Afternoon refreshment and networking break + $2,000 cash prize draw


Taking proactive measures to create a mentally healthy workforce

Mental health and the way in which we tackle it within the workplace is a major challenge for all Australian employers. This session will outline:

  • Early recognition, intervention and support for mental illness in the workplace
  • Practical steps for training leaders and managers to tackle mental health stigma
  • Create a more open environment where employees feel able to seek support

Paula LaRocca 
Director of Talent & Culture
Accor Hotels


CASE STUDY: Aligning capability investment to strategy and future of work at Telstra

As strategy changes, learning also needs to iterate and align investment to directly supporting strategy. We’ll explore how Telstra approaches this and has determined right investment.

  • The importance of employee experience
  • Transforming, leading and everyday learning for people
  • Signature approaches to uplift capability
  • Workplace learning that helps employees keep up with the pace of change
  • Key ingredients and our test and learn approach

Anne Le Blanc 
GM Learning and Development


Conference concludes


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