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14 July 2021, Crown Melbourne

9:05 am

Workshop 1: Early intervention for mental health problems in the workplace

Mental health problems contribute to absenteeism, presenteeism and workers compensation claims costing Australian businesses billions of dollars each year. The good news is that for every dollar spent on mental health initiative, like Mental Health First Aid training, there is an average return on investment of $2.30.

This workshop will:

  • Introduce participants to the concepts of mental health problems in the workplace and Mental Health First Aid
  • Highlight the signs a colleague might notice in a person experiencing a mental health problem
  • Present how Mental Health First Aid can contribute to a mentally healthy workplace
Dr. Kathy Bond

Workplace Engagement Manager, Mental Health First Aid Australia

9:35 am

Workshop 2: Narrowing Talent Pool, Widening Skills Gap: Solving Scarcity

The past year has accelerated the development of remote and global teams. As we experience an economic upturn, there are fewer individuals who are unemployed and job-seeking which allows candidates to be selective, testing the employer’s capacity and interest in supporting remote work. As the talent pool narrows, we are seeing a skill shortage or lower supply than demand in certain professions. How can we overcome the fear of hiring in other jurisdictions? In this session, we’ll discuss how leaders can reap the team quality and bottom-line benefits of tapping into the global talent pool.

Globalization Partners

10:35 am

Workshop 3: How disability employment can bridge Australia’s skills and innovation gap.

Employing people with disability means accessing a talent pool that is productive, safe and reliable. In turn, drawing long-term economic and innovation dividends for businesses.

Yet, people with disability are twice as likely to be unemployed as those without disability. How can Australian workplaces unlock this untapped potential to bridge the gap?

The session will highlight:

  • The business case for a diverse and inclusive workplace, offering low risk, improved productivity, and high return
  • Practical strategies to build disability confidence and develop inclusive practices
  • The range of free and expert disability employment supports provided by the Australian Government through JobAccess
Daniel Valiente-Riedl

General Manager, Job Access

11:05 am

Workshop 4

Details TBC

11:35 am

Workshop 5: The Unified Theory of Everything People: Practical people strategies for the post-pandemic world

The Unified Theory of Everything People is a holistic, practical model based on reverse engineering over 5,000 exit interviews and two decades of extensive research with some of the world's most innovative companies. It will give you simple solutions to help you update your people practices for the post-pandemic world.

Kim Seeling Smith

CEO, Ignite Global

12:05 pm
1:05 pm

Workshop 6: Nutrition – Your Tool for Improved Health and Productivity

There’s so much noise in the health and wellness industry and that noise is rapidly growing, it’s no wonder people get overwhelmed and don’t know where to start when it comes to improving their nutrition. The good news is small simple steps more often add up to big changes over time. Supporting your employees to be their best version of themselves is no longer just a fancy catchphrase, but is a necessary step forward. This workshop will:

  • Touch on ‘what is the best diet?’
  • Look at food on a continuum rather than label it ‘good’ v’s ‘bad’

  • Discuss that number on the scale and how to move it in the desired direction and why that’s important for you personally and your employees
  • How you can support your employees to eat well and move more

Sarah Blom

Nutrition Consultant, The Consistent Approach

1:35 pm

Workshop 7

Details TBC

2:05 pm

Workshop 8: Engaging and Influencing your audience

Now, more than ever, the art of communication is vital to the way we work both in person and online. Being able to engage an audience is a huge personal asset.  Discover the practical tools and techniques that can strengthen your connection and influence others. We will take you on a journey exploring the pleasure and potential of making every communication an opportunity to tell your story effectively .

  • Enhanced physical and vocal presence
  • Techniques to engage and influence your audience
  • Communication dynamics - face to face and online
Andrew Martin

NIDA Corporate Tutor, NIDA

3:10 pm

Workshop 9: Leading Mental Health – Creating a Framework for Leaders & Employees

How equipped are your leaders to positively contribute to developing and maintaining a mentally healthy workplace? And how prepared are your employees to support their colleagues and themselves? Kristina, the Director of Health at Work, will step you through:

  • 5 key inclusions in a mental health program
  • The 4 mental health skills & behaviours your leaders must have
  • Techniques, tool kits and resources needed
  • Determining mandatory vs. voluntary inclusion
  • Online or face-to-face, what approach is the best?
Kristina Billings

Director/Owner, Health at Work

3:40 pm

Workshop 10

Details TBC

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